Friday, June 5, 2009

Let's Go Deep!

Isaiah 7:11 Make thy petition deep.

The amplified Bible: Isaiah 7:11 Ask for yourself a sign (a token or proof) of the Lord your God {one that will convince you that God has spoken and will keep His word}; ask it either in the depth below or in the height above (let it be as deep as Sheol or as high as Heaven).

This sort of sounds like putting out a fleece or putting God to the test, but actually the Lord spoke these words to King Ahaz. I don't really believe in asking for a sign or putting out a fleece; However, I think really what the Lord was trying to convey to King Ahaz was that He, the Lord God, could and would give him the victory.

I do think that many times we don't really believe that the Lord can work in our various circumstances and bring the best outcome for us. We really have no idea of His power or His potential to do much more than we can ever ask or even imagine. We kind of put Him in a box and, without meaning to, put limits on what He can do. The fact that we worry as much as we do is evidence that we really don't have enough faith and trust in our omnipotent Lord.

My devotional this morning started with the verse above, and then it had this poem.

Make thy petition deep, O heart of mine,
Thy God can do much more
Than thou canst ask;
Launch out on the Divine,
Draw from His love-filled store.
Trust Him with everything;
Begin today,
And find the joy that comes
When Jesus has His way!

It spoke to my heart, and reminded me that God is already at work in the situations that concern me. I just need to "make my petition deep" and trust Him for the outcome.


Joan said...

Great post.
I think I fall into that trap sometimes thinking that there are things that God just isn't going to do anything about. I need to pray to the God without limits and see what He will do then.

Thanks for the insight.


Rebecca said...

We have SO many heights and depths to explore! And just when we think there is nothing left, we come to another precipice...I'm glad your devotional led you here. I needed this reminder.

Dee said...

Hi,... I like your new photo.... I am glad you shared your today's devotional. It reminds me to look back at past victories and gives me assurance that the Lord is in my future helping me in my present trial. Dee

beckymc said...

This is so true of my life. I am a worrier. I was asking my husband and my son jsut this week why I woory so much and how they manage not to. I guess it stems from me wanting control of everything. That is my biggest problem. I know I should let go and let God but I do not do it. Thank you for your post

Gina said...

God is constantly trying to tell me to let things go and trust Him. Thanks for the reminder.

Letters From Midlife said...

This is always a reminder I need to hear.