Monday, September 14, 2009

The Name's the Same!

You cannot imagine my surprise, to think that my husband actually planned a birthday party for me! He's not really much of a party person usually.

Lynn and I went out to eat at Texas Road House. When we got back, he said "let me see your cards" (I had gotten 18 cards in the mail today). I thought it was unusual that he would want to read all of them. Then I showed him my sister Brenda's blog, and the blog I had written. ( I realized later that he was being so attentive, because he was killing time until the guests arrived! (To his credit, he does enjoy reading my blogs--he says it gives him a window into my heart.)

About that time his daughter Janelle came in the back door. I thought to myself, Lynn probably had her make a cake for me. I went out to the kitchen to say hello. Then I heard someone else at the door; Lynn went to let them in. It was my good friend Rebecca, and her husband, Gary from Harlan. In a few minutes, Judy and Barry, good friends from church (and also neighbors) came. I really couldn't believe that Lynn had planned all this! My first thought was, "Oh no! I should have cleaned the house today!" However, then I remembered that quote I had heard somewhere: "If you're coming to see me, come anytime; if you're coming to see my house, make and appointment."

Janelle had made a wonderful chocolate marble cake and brought moose tracks ice cream to go with it. It was really wonderful. We enjoyed the birthday treats and had a great evening of conversation.

NOW! For the reason behind the title of this blog. Not only was it a fun evening, it was very educational. I discovered that we had four "Lynn"s at this gathering. Three of them have the middle name of "Lynn". In the picture above, there is Rebecca Lynn, Gary Lynn, my husband Lynn, and Barry Lynn. I don't think I ever knew their middle names before.

Janelle had gone home before we got around to taking pictures, so our picture isn't quite complete. But just as a side note, her name is Janelle Lynn!.

I guess, after all is said and done, turning 65 wasn't so bad after all!


Rebecca. Harlan, IN said...

We had such a good time last night, Donna. We were very honored to have been invited. It was good to meet your friends, too. Hope you continue to bask in the pleasure of your special day and the thoughtfulness of your husband.

Wanda said...

Hi Donna, just dropped in to say Hi to Brenda's sister and Rebecca's are part of a wonderful group!

Dee said...

You look great...i hope i look as good as you when i turn 65 :)...surprises are fun..i am happy your day was special.

elaine @ peace for the journey said...

Now that's the way to spend a birthday! I think this will be a great year for you based on all the love you've experienced in the past few days.

See to it, precious Donna.