Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Nostalgic Evening

I have listened to--and really liked--the Lettermen for many years. (I found out Friday night they started in 1960) I had heard about this Letterman concert on my radio station (an oldies station of course!) and asked Lynn if he would like to go.
It was held at the Foellinger Theatre, which is an outdoor ampitheatre in Ft. Wayne. As you can see it was raining that night, so I was glad that all of the seats were under the roof.

As we were sitting there waiting for the concert to start, Lynn said, "What do you think is the average age of the people here?" He thought it was 70, but I told him it had to be a little lower than that--maybe 65! That is my sweet hubby, the fifth one from the left in the light beige jacket and blue shirt. I took this as I was coming back from my bathroom break; he looks like he's kind of zoning out at the moment.

They do allow camaras during the concert, but I couldn't get a really good picture of the 3 of them together. This is the only one that wasn't blurry. One of the members of the trio has been with the Lettermen the entire time--49 years!. (He is the short one on the left; you can see them better if you click and enlarge it). It was a really good concert. They sang a lot of songs from "back in the day". If you closed your eyes, the harmony was exactly the same as it was back then. They said they have 2 requirements for new members to the trio; they must be a good soloist (they all sang some solos) and the harmony blend needs to maintain the Lettermen sound. From my standpoint, they have certainly done that.
They were going to stay afterwards and pose for pictures with anyone who had a camara and wanted their picture taken with the trio. I really wanted to do that! However, the concert wasn't over until 10:30, and they were also going to autograph albums before taking the pictures, so being the "senior couple" that we are, I decided not to make my hubby stay. But it would have made a great blog Pic! We arrived home tired, but having had a really nice evening.


Rebecca. Harlan, IN said...

Just the name "Lettermen" brings back instant pictures and sounds in my brain! I totally missed hearing about this event.

That's SO funny about the average age!

(I'm envious of the effort involved in planning this evening and getting there. Sometimes we just veg out too much and miss some great experiences.)

Brenda said...

I remember attending a Letterman concert in 1968. What fun for you and for Lynn! I thought your picture turned out good when I double clicked on it. Great concert and you did not have to travel 4 hours and wrap up in a blanket. Good choice!

Lynne said...

Glad you enjoyed the show. I have been following The Lettermen for the past several years (33 shows since June 2005) and am fortunate to have become friends with them (especially Tony Butala the original member).

You are so right about the harmonies (the best I've ever heard) and Tony's voice is still as strong and beautiful as it was on the albums from 30 yrs. ago.

I hope the next time they are in your area you'll be able to stay for the autograph/photo's.