Thursday, September 24, 2009

New England Lighthouses

One week ago today I left home to join my two sisters and their husbands in New Hampshire. They had started their trip on the previous Saturday. They picked me up at the Manchester, NH airport about 2:00 pm. It has beenwonderful week of sight-seeing, and beautiful, awe-inspiring scenery!

We first drove down into Massachusetts. Brenda and Bob are beekeepers, and they were checking out a honey extracting equipment company there.

From there, we drove up to York Beach, Maine, to see the Nubble Light, the most photographed lighthouse in Maine and one of the most-photographed in the United States. I love the water, and it was great to just be able to see this landmark and enjoy being by the water.

There was a seafood restaurant there by the lighthouse, and we were able to have a table with a great view of the water, while I enjoyed my very first lobster ever. It has a good flavor; I think the texture takes a little getting used to, but I enjoyed it.

On Sunday afternoon we went to Portland, Maine. We took a trolley tour of the city and then took a ferry ride on the bay . The trolley stopped at the Portland Head lighthouse, for us to be able to enjoy this site (and of course--take pictures!).

During the ferry ride. we saw several other lighthouses, so I included some pictures of a couple of those. It was a beautiful day! The trolley and the ferry were great ways to see the sights of Portland. What an enjoyable afternoon!

I took 150 pictures on our trip, so of course I won't be sharing all of those! But I know I'm going to feel compelled to share a few more posts about this great trip to the New England States.


Gina said...

The pictures are wonderful. My husband and I use to boat and our favorite thing to do would be visit all the light houses. Your pictures brought back memories.

Rebecca. Harlan, IN said...

Oh, I'm SO glad you're back! And I look forward to hearing/seeing more of your trip!

Do you know that song, "I thank God for the Lighthouse, I owe my life to Him....Jesus is the lighthouse...." (I can't remember all the words, but it's neat)?

Dee said...

Please show more pictures of your trip...Maine is beautiful!

Anonymous said...

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