Thursday, September 24, 2009

Not Quite Peak Color, But Beautiful!

Some of these were taken at "The Flume"; this is a deep gorge, and we did a walking tour through the gorge and the surrounding wooded area. It has quite a history, and is part of the national park system there. (In New Hampshire).
Some were taken in a little park, very close to where we were staying. A couple were taken along the road where we stopped for a scenic view. However, even if I had taken more pictures, I could not have captured the absolute beauty of the trees and the mountains that we saw, almost everywhere when we were driving through New Hampshire, VT, and Maine. It was so restful and beautiful, and as my sister Brenda said, "It really 'fills your cup'. We just gave praise to the Lord, for all of the beauty and the magnificant trees, mountains streams and bodies of water that He has created for our enjoyment.


beckymc said...

I agree the scenery is beautiful in the New England States. I can't for the life of me imagine how anybody can look at the beauty of nature and deny our wonderful God.

Joan said...

Loved reading about your adventure! Beautiful photos, too.